Flight of Fancy is a melodic hard rock band from Phoenix, AZ. The band originated as a one man project in 2020 by Derreck Smith who drums for Arsenic Kitchen. Members of AK helped Derreck to record and produce FoF’s first album, which features songs Derreck had written before & during his time in AK. He recorded each part on the record due to lack of band members. The album does feature some lead guitar parts, backing vocals, and synth/keys from Blake Miller and Lucas Fulmer of AK.

"In Plain Sight" was released as a single, and was done with help from Isaac and Sid Lefevre from Derreck's other band Up In the Air.

Flight of Fancy is influenced by groups such as the Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and many more. Those influences helped inspire Flight of Fancy’s early songwriting, and will be present in future releases. There is a second album planned out, which promises to be a more heavy hitting hard rock adventure with some very pleasant twists. Flight of Fancy aims to get in the studio & start recording by September 2021, & hopes to have album 2 ready for release by November 2021.